Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game Releasing on August 8


There’s a new card game coming to the PlayStation store called Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game based on the 2011 Fantasy Flight version. It’s going to focus on PvE combat, where players go through a new narrative adventure through Middle-Earth.

This new digital tabletop card game provides players the option to play as three different heroes from the Free Folk faction. Players are going to fight against the forces of darkness led by Sauron in an attempt to prevent the dark lord from returning. There’s no player versus player mode as the game focuses on a cooperative experience.

Players do have the option to team up and face the AI in the game. It’s going to be an entirely new PvE experience, allowing players to work together and take down a tougher foe. They’ll have to optimize what characters they choose and figure out how they’re going to conquer their opponent. You’re going to fight enemies such as Giant Spiders, Trolls, and even Orcs.

There are four spheres of influence the leaders use: Leadership, Lore, Spirit, and Tactics. These different spheres of influence are going to determine what type of deck players are going to build, optimizing their heroes strengths, and protecting their weaknesses.

The card game’s story takes place during the year Bilbo retires in Rivendell, but before Frodo begins his journey to destroy the ring. There’s going to be plenty of mystery about how much darkness is truly in Middle-Earth, but it’s going to get hinted at throughout the entire game.

The game comes out on August 8 on the PlayStation Store.