Xbox One’s Next Update Teased By Major Nelson, “Cool New Features Coming”


Looks like we’re going to get some more interesting features on Xbox One’s dashboard. According to Major Nelson, Microsoft is indeed working on few surprises to be released in the next system update, which is possibly coming soon.

While we don’t have any specific at this moment, we know Major Nelson has already had a chance to give these features a look, and based on Intel coming from his Twitter account he looks rather impressed by what he saw.

Major Xbox One Firmware Teased By Nelson

“I can’t wait to tell you about the cool new features coming to Xbox One I just had a chance to play around with”, Major Nelson said on Twitter, hinting at something groundbreaking for the next firmware update, and not just tweaks to the Xbox experience across the UI.

Larry Hryb wrapped up the tweet saying that he’ll offer insights about what’s going on and specifically what’s to come soon, “in due time.” Considering what was included in the latest main update, we’d expect very good things to come as soon as the patch releases.

The latest update includes a do not disturb mode, which activates to disable all notifications coming throughout your gameplay; theme switching at given hours in the day; next achievements; and so on. It was quite good, and probably what’s coming next is set to be even better.

Users on Twitter are already offering their suggestions, hinting at that Microsoft should be adding stuff like wishlisting (which, rather curiously, has been in fans’ wishlist for quite a long time), reselling digital games and OG Xbox achievements.