Report: Metroid Prime Trilogy, Super Metroid Remakes Could Be Nintendo Switch Bound


A new Samus Aran experience might make its way to Nintendo Switch sooner than expected.

A new rumor suggests that along with the currently-in-development Metroid Prime 4, we’ll see not one, but two remastered Metroid games come to the system in a new light over the next two fiscal years.

The report comes from Twitter user LeakyPandy, who’s reported correctly on rumors in the past. The first of the two rumored games is one that’s been talked about for a while — an HD remake of the classic Metroid Prime Trilogy. The trilogy would be a good fit for the system, considering that it’s become one of the most sought-after titles for the Wii.

But the second one is a bit more interesting. It’s suggested that a game called Super Metroid Remake could come to the system, which “mimics Metroid: Samus Returns in style and scope,” according to LeakyPandy.

These aren’t official by any means, and Nintendo hasn’t said a word about them coming our way, so take this story with a grain of salt.

However, considering that we’re going to be waiting until at least 2021 (or maybe even later) for Metroid Prime 4 to surface, having something fresh from the Metroid vault to play wouldn’t hurt.

Nintendo might have a big announcement in store next month during The Game Awards. Keep in mind that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 came out of left field around this time last year. So you never know.

In the meantime, if you do need a Samus fix on SNES, subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online and enjoy some Metroid and Super Metroid. It’ll get you primed for whatever comes next.