Microsoft released the first series of console updates for the Xbox Series S/X

What is in the latest software update?

Image via Xbox

In the first software update for the next-generation of Xbox consoles, users will now enjoy a wave of quality of life improvements. The main features of November 2020 Xbox Console Update are dynamic background options, Auto HDR, pre-loaded Game Pass games, and Optimized for X|S game badges.

Dynamic Background 

The dynamic background is a new feature that lets gamers have greater customization that features more color and movement in their console’s main menu. Six color styles have been added, but Microsoft has stated there are more designs to come.

Auto HDR and Series X|S optimization

Auto HDR is a setting that improves the quality of games. This feature is mostly used on backwards compatible games, giving the older titles a fresh touch. Now gamers will know what games will have Auto HDR as it is stated in the Guide menu.

Games released in the previous generation of consoles but have been developed to run specifically on the Xbox Series X|S will have a small badge that lets you know this game will run with much better graphics since it was made for this console. Think of the optimization as a large step above the Auto HDR graphics.

Pre-install Game Pass games

Originally, gamers would have to wait until the title was released on the Game Pass to see what is new. Now Game Pass subscribers will have the chance to see everything that is planned to be released on the pass and even pre-load the game. This way, players can jump immediately into the action once the game is officially released.

This is the first series of updates planned for the new console; as time goes on, more feedback based updates will be introduced to the console.