Hidetaka Miyazaki “Not In A Position To Talk About” Bloodborne II

Bloodborne has been one of the big PlayStation 4 exclusives which have been delivered over the course of the generation.

That’s probably why people have such fond memories of the game, on top of the fact that it was for many reasons a real gem.

Many thought that Shadows Die Twice, which has been teased at The Game Awards 2017, would end up being a sequel to the game, but it was instead Sekiro.

So, after Sekiro releases next year in March, is there any chance for a return to the franchise? That’s something Deracine has apparently hinted to, with a couple easter eggs around.

“Actually, this is exactly the conversation that my team and I had. It’s the kind of conversation we keep during development, because there are Easter eggs,” creator Hidetaka Miyazaki said in an interview (via ResetEra).

“However… The easter egg in itself is not indicative that we are going to launch ‘Bloodborne II’. I’m not in a position to talk about a possible release of ‘Bloodborne II‘.”

He went on detailing the reasons why From Software and Japan Studio wanted to include such easter eggs, which is because of the love they have for the series.

“We love ‘Bloodborne’; that’s why this easter egg has aroused so much curiosity. But, I repeat, it’s not a ‘Bloodborne II’ notice.

It’s just something that we explored among ourselves, because we love ‘Bloodborne’.”

Are you convinced with these words, or should we read more into them?

Hidetaka Miyazaki "Not In A Position To Talk About" Bloodborne II