NetherRealm Fixes Toxic Workplace/100-Hour Workweeks Allegations With Weekend Off

We’re always reporting about claims of toxic workplaces in the video games industry, but the amount of those reports is worryingly increasing, and it doesn’t look like developers/publishers really know how to handle this stuff.

One of the most nonsense reactions is the one coming from NetherRealm Studios, where the developer is trying and fixing allegations of toxic workplace and 100-hour-long workweeks by giving its workers the weekend off.

The makers of Mortal Kombat have issued a statement following toxic workplace reports coming from Variety, and then offered its employees the weekend off and never let them work after 6 pm.

As you might recognize, this is how a regular workplace should be handled and nothing extraordinary as instead they’re treating it.

We learn that “a studio-wide meeting was held on Thursday following the aftermath of last week when employees and contractors spoke out about their experiences working for NetherRealm.”

It was decided that “HR will be sending out a survey for employees to fill out” and that “these will then be sent out to WB [“Warner Bros.” the parent company of NetherRealm] for use in creating smaller focus groups among departments to further discuss the problems and concerns/complaints we have.”

Of course, people at the studio don’t feel like the situation could last for long since there’s a new Mortal Kombat 11 patch in the making and what expects them next week could be the same sh*t all over again.

“Employee response is cautious. They seem to appreciate it and are looking forward to it, but are wondering about what’s coming up”, we read in the report from Variety. So things could return to their standards in a few days, and this is crazy.

Just a few hours ago we had reported about similar issues, perhaps even more serious, again from Quantic Dream, a developer who at the very least has huge human resources management issues.