Resident Evil 8 details leaked, claims Chris Redfield will return

Capcom has not yet confirmed the existence of the game.

The first details for the next game in the Resident Evil series have apparently been leaked, with a classic character from the series set to make an appearance.

The rumors stem from the Youtube channel Residence of Evil, a network dedicated to the franchise, who claims to have received information internally from Capcom about the game relating to playtesting from August last year.

The leaks claim that the sequel will be continuing the story told from Resident Evil VII. It will include Isaac as a playable character from the game (though it did not explicitly say if he would be the only playable character), the first person view will be returning. There’s also going to be a return for zombies, something that was a hallmark of the series until their exclusion from VII.

There are also various descriptions of the environments, which include a village and castle with rural and snowy landscapes. There is going to be a recurring enemy that the player will see throughout the game, while wolf-like creatures will also be included.

Series veteran Chris Redfield is also set to return the franchise, although the leak suggests that it’s not sure how much involvement he will have in the game.

Possibly the most interesting part of the leak is that despite being a mainline entry, the game isn’t set to be called Resident Evil 8, but instead will go with a unique name that is usually reserved for the series spin-off games. 

While leaks like this can usually be taken with a pinch of salt, it was also shared by Nibel on Twitter, who is known for reliable leaks. Nibel says that the information is similar to that which he has received.

With the game supposedly being playtested last year, it could be a matter of time before the game is announced. Resident Evil VII was released in early 2017, so three years of potential development time would likely be enough to make a potentially playable title.