Ninja’s Move To Mixer Is Already Paying Off, For Him AND The Streaming Platform

Why Mixer wanted an exclusive contract with Ninja was apparent, but the move is already paying off for both parties. Over the weekend Ninja tweeted he already hit half a million subscribers on the channel. While Mixer has assisted with it by running a promotion on their channel, it’s still an impressive showing.

That’s some excellent news for Mixer. According to Screenrant, the Mixer app has climbed the free application charts on the iOS App store, sitting in the top three. Because many were wondering if Ninja’s move to Mixer was the right one, these two new results show how fortunate both parties are.

While it is early days, and we don’t know how many of these are new viewers. It all depends on if Mixer can retain and keep people in their ecosystem; however, things are off to a fantastic start. The real benefit to Mixer comes if they can use these new viewers to help grow other channels while Ninja is not streaming. A superstar is undoubtedly a great thing to have, but one man cannot support an entire streaming platform.

For Mixer to become a long-term success to take on streaming kingpin Twitch, they need to pull in a vast audience that makes it a viable option for other streamers. I strongly suspect that Ninja will not be the only big name streamer tempted to the new platform over the coming year.

Microsoft seems to be upping their levels of aggression in many areas of their business. It’s buying up studios for their gaming division, developing new hardware for their console division, and now pumping money into growing Mixer. I’m sure they have plenty of budgets left to bring over some more big names, and help grow their platform even more.