Eight-player battler Ninjala shows off new power-ups, will get seasonal updates

More details announced for upcoming Nintendo Switch title.

Ninjala Season Pass Character Power-Ups announced

Image via Nintendo

Ninjala, the upcoming eight-player multiplayer action game from GungHo Online Entertainment, revealed today that the game will receive regular seasonal content as part of a continuous update plan.

In the third developer diary posted by the Japanese company, expectant fans were given more details about extra content that will come to the game post-release. Like Fortnite and Destiny 2, Ninjala seasons will occur every eight to 10 weeks. New additions for each season will include new weapons, stages, and game functionality to improve its performance.

Ninjala – Developer Diary #3

From out of the shadows… the devs return for Ninjala dev diary #3! This time, Morishita-san and Kaneda-san share details about the Ninjala season pass, the…

A Season Pass will also be available to purchase that will offer incentives throughout each update. The Season Pass will contain tiers — from one to 100, like other games with similar models — and offer various rewards for completing specific tasks during the season.

GungHo Online detailed Character Power-Ups that will be available in-game too. Players will have the opportunity to draw on their ninja skills by equipping passive skills or what the team is calling “Gum Bottles.”

To power up a skill, players will need a Shinobi Card and Ninja Medals — acquired from playing online matches — and equip ones that fit their playstyle. There’s no word on how many cards or medals you’re limited too, so it sounds like it’s worth playing as many matches as possible to earn different ones.

GungHo Online showed off an example of one skill, called Sudden Burst, during the dev diary. This allows you to active S-Burst once, even if your S-gauge has run out or is low. Ninja Medals also allow you to unlock what’s known as Assist Codes, which power up cards even more.

Ninjala releases on Nintendo Switch on May 27 in Western markets, and May 28 in Japan. An open beta will occur on Tuesday, April 28 so that interested players can help find any missed bugs.