Nintendo Hosting Indie World Broadcast Tomorrow, Could Big Surprises Be in Store?


Although we won’t get a Nintendo Direct to close out 2019, we are getting the next best thing — another round of independent game announcements.

The company confirmed on Twitter today that it will host a new Indie World presentation tomorrow, Dec. 10, at 1pm EST. During that time, it will feature “roughly 20 minutes of information on some upcoming indie games for #NintendoSwitch,” with some potential surprises in store, according to the tweet.

Those interested in seeing what Nintendo has in store can do so on the official Indie World page, or in the YouTube window below.

There aren’t any details on what the company has in store for the Switch just yet, but these specials usually wield some great announcements. For instance, in past showcases, Microsoft Xbox exclusives like Ori and the Blind Forest and Cuphead were announced for the Nintendo Switch, along with “out of left field” games like Subset Games’ remarkable Into the Breach and the amazing Cadence of Hyrule. There’s also the possibility that a couple of these games could be released as soon as tomorrow, so it never hurts to make a little extra room on your memory card.

We’ll be watching closely and providing a recap of some of the most notable titles from the Indie World presentation. Who knows what surprises might be in store. Another Microsoft title for Nintendo Switch? Another surprise favorite making a debut for the platform, like Superhot? There are literally a “World” of possibilities.