Nintendo Switch’s firmware update adds Facebook and Twitter friends integration


The Nintendo Switch’s version 5.0.0 firmware just went live and it’s full of interesting new features.

While there are no huge additions in this update, the latest patches increases stability to enhance the user experience while making it easier for players to find friends.

Players will now be able to add friends who link their Nintendo Switch to their social media account on the system itself. By adding your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Nintendo account, you will be able to see new friend suggestions from other players who have also linked their social media accounts.

So far, Facebook and Twitter are the only social networks included in the integration.

The update also adds a bunch of new icons to use as your user picture from ARMS and Kirby, filters news to view only unread articles, and updates a bunch of parental controls.

The update also fixes the issue that caused Play Activity to display incorrectly in the profile section of your user page. Recently, a bug made it so everyone’s playtime reset a year after owning the system, forcing Nintendo to make a quick fix.