Animal Crossing New Horizons for Nintendo Switch is coming out on March 20, 2020 | E3 2019


Nintendo has just revealed that the Nintendo Switch version of Animal Crossing, called Animal Crossing New Horizons will release in 2020

The game, a first on a Nintendo system since the 3DS, is set to take players to their new cities where they will be expected to fish, catch bugs, and pay off their debts to Tom Nook all over again.

The game was revealed a few months ago alongside Isabelle’s inclusion in the latest Super Smash Bros. game, but since then Nintendo has remained tight lipped on when the game would be revealed, or even what it looked like. We only knew that the game was expected to release this year and now we finally have more information to go on.

Animal Crossing has been one of the most requested games to be put on the Switch since its reveal a few years ago and fans will once again be able to take their towns on the go and shape their new lives.

The game will feature a bunch of new things to d, including crafting elements, and more. Farming was also shown off but official details on the title have been kept tight-lipped.