Nintendo Switch hits 107.65 million units sold, forecast to hit 128 million by April 2023

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe remains the best selling game with 45.33m units sold.

Image via Shutterstock/Proxima Studio

The best way to learn more about how a company is faring is to dive into its quarterly reports. These reports tend to be long, boring documents, but there are always some valuable nuggets once you’ve sifted through all the data. Now that Nintendo has released its most recent quarterly report, we have more insight into exactly how the Switch is selling and what difficulties the company is set to face.

Like everyone else, Nintendo has had to contend with mounting lockdowns in China and an ongoing chip shortage that threatens to slow down console sales.

Nintendo Switch had broken the 100 million unit sales barrier earlier this year, but now we know by just how much. With this newest figure of 107.65 million units, the Switch has surpassed the Wii in lifetimes sales. However, it is still around 10 million behind the original Game Boy console’s sales ( 118 million) and a whopping 47 million behind the company’s best-selling console, the DS (154 million).

The Switch continues to perform well over five years into its lifecycle. In the same quarterly report, Nintendo has forecast that Switch will sell an additional 21 million units over the next financial year. This is consistent with reports that they would be lowering their sales figures over the next year to cope with growing difficulties in their supply chain.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe remains the best-selling game in the Switch library at 45.33 million units sold worldwide. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is in second place with 38.64 million units sold, while Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rounds out the top three with 28.17 million units sold.