Nintendo Switch Mini With D-Pad, Not Detachable Joy-Cons Spotted At Chinese Manufacturer


We’ve been talking about chances of new Nintendo Switch models being released anytime soon for a while now, and we’re honestly just waiting for an official announcement to be dropped. However, in the meantime, it looks like someone has secrets to share.

HonSon Group – a Chinese manufacturer for console accessories – has indeed sent an email to WickedCoolToys’ CptnAlex (also a Jakks Pacific ambassador) claiming it plans on selling lots of accessories for the incoming Nintendo Switch Mini. Although it has only mockups in its portfolio, it might be the store has new intel on the project to arrive ready at its launch.

The products include the usual stuff you’d be interested in looking into at the launch of a console, such as carrying bags, screen protectors, and more. It’s fun to see they’re already contacting their customers to inform them about the existence of these goodies, but also a good indicator of an imminent reveal.

Based on the mockups, we see that the newest model might not feature detachable Joy-Cons, while instead, it would be coming with a D-Pad, so a couple of novelty elements that make the console look like it is easier to carry out of the home without a dock and harder to break.

As a reminder, we’ve been told in the past on a competent authority that the company is working on two different models for Nintendo Switch, a Mini/Lite one which would be tailored on kids and people willing to spend less on their new console. A Pro one, which would be a beefed-up version in the style of the New 3DS.

Plans could be that the Nintendo Switch Mini could be released in the next few months, since it is the one we’re hearing more about, to allow Nintendo to have a more appealing product for families in time for the Holiday season, while Pro could take a bit longer.