Nintendo Forecast 17.74 Millions Nintendo Switch Units To Ship By March 2018


Nintendo had updated the number of Switch consoles shipped until the end of last year and also shared a forecast of estimated expected units to ship until the end of March 2018. According to the update Nintendo has shipped around 14.86 Million Switch units until December 2017. To beef-up the sales Nintendo will fuel more 17.74 Million Switch units by March 2018.

Nintendo Ship Forecast

Nintendo had shared the update on its official site under the Finance section. Nintendo 3DS shipment units are massive 71.99 million units. Talking about Wii U, it was shipped around 13.56 million units. The shipment figures are really amazing, Switch sales performance is exceptionally remarkable. It is expected Switch sales could be able to reach 20 million this year.

A new Pokemon game is also planned for the year 2018. Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best selling games on Switch, around 9.07 million copies are sold it is release in last year. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sold around 7.33 million, Breath of Wild gathered around 6.70 Million and Splatoon 2 was sold around 4.91 Million units. There more games were able to reach a million copies mark. They are 1-2 Switch that was sold around 1.88 Million copies, ARMS – 1.61 Million copies and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – 1.06 Million.

Switch has taken over Wii U sales, making it a successful step by Nintendo on experimenting a new hybrid gaming console that was pretty well accepted by gamers world-wide. Another fascinating update coming up for Switch is its Labo a VR rival and a unique concept to play game interactively.

Source: Nintendo