Nintendo Switch Sold Higher Than Xbox One in Spain


Nintendo Switch is breaking records from the day it has launched, and still the console is winning the race against well-established consoles in the market. Talking about its recent achievements Switch has sold more than Xbox One in Spain. According to a news published by Gamereactor, Switch total sales unit in last 10 months is higher than a number of Xbox Units sold in 50.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is doing exceptionally well in various regions of the world, this hybrid console has been accepted by gamers worldwide. Even having a fierce competition from existing giants like PS4 or Xbox, Switch was able to establish its unique identity in very less time.

As per the news, Xbox One was able to close at 300,000 units during 2017 Christmas campaign, while Nintendo Switch has surpassed the milestone. Nintendo said, “Switch is the fastest-selling Nintendo home system in Spain, surpassing Wii.” Spain, France and Italy markets were favorable for Switch, while the UK has the largest Xbox user base.

Nintendo Switch is also the fastest-selling console in the US. Approx 4.8 million units were sold between March and December last year. It is clear that in coming time we might able to get more facts and figures on Switch sales in various another region. Even after having a good amount of competition from console and PC, Nintendo’s hybrid console is doing well.