Xbox One X Outsold PS4 Sales In December 2017, Switch Is True Winner


Aaron Greenberg tweeted about the success of Xbox One X, according to the tweet Xbox outsold PS4 consoles for Gen 8 console as per NPD data. But it is clear that Nintendo Switch is among the highest and is in the top position. The official tweet is shared below. Many reports stats has cleared that no doubt Switch was the winner last year who is the most selling console.

Xbox One X NPD

Through news sources it was revealed that during many months in 2017 Nintendo Switch was the top-selling console, it has remained high on the sales for 5 to 7 months in the year 2017.

Nintendo Switch was among the more innovative console that came out last year during March. The switch was the only hybrid console pitched that will bring two-way gaming one on a portable screen and other on a big screen in one pack followed by instant co-op support. At the time of release, the console was highly praised by many reviewers and later the games that landed on the same added more fuel to its success.

Just after a week of launch Switch turn into a fastest-selling console in the market, during March 2017 which was the initial release month the sale unit extended approx 900,000 units. Next month in April Switch acquired the title of best-selling console in the market.

Coming on Xbox One X, the launch of console received a good reception from the market, Microsoft pitched it as the most powerful console available, and this boosted the sale. Xbox One X is able to outshine PS4 sales, due to its extreme hardware and 4K capabilities. Now it relies on time how these consoles will be able to stay on the top this year.