Nioh 2 “Quick Hands-On” Offers Great Impressions


Few minutes ago, PlayStation EU Product Manager has shared his first impression from a “quick hands-on” with Nioh 2.

The game’s much anticipated after a surprising reveal at E3 2018 and is reportedly sharing some news in early 2019.

The product manager for PlayStation in Europe posted a tweet he has deleted just a few moments ago about the title, perhaps because he wasn’t really allowed to share it so early.

He said that “today’s highlight was a quick hands-on with Nioh 2″ and that “all I’m really allowed to say, is that it’s like Nioh, but better.”

Maybe, Koei Tecmo and PlayStation thought this tweet was too much of a revelation, as from the looks of it, it seems Nioh 2 might be a good more of the same, but still a more of the same after all.

So, that’s not the impression you want to give your players straight up, although he claims that the game is so good.

As the original Nioh released on February 7, there’s a chance we could get more news on the topic and even some proper coverage upon that date.

Nioh 2 "Quick Hands-On" Offers Great Impressions

Source: Reddit