Nioh 2 Is The Sekiro Killer, Says Official PlayStation Magazine


We’ve not heard a lot about Nioh 2 for a while, but as we get closer and closer to the release date. We do have some intel about the changes that have been made on this sequel and how it’s shaping up for PS4.

Today, we have a preview from the Official PlayStation Magazine that tries and offer some more insight about what we should expect from the game, and from the looks of it the initial impressions are very good, as OPM claims it’s the “Sekiro killer.”

“Team Ninja’s additions give extra depth to an original game that was already an involved take on the soulsborne phenomenon, though the stages we’ve been shown to date are a little barren,” according to a portion of the preview.

In another segment of the article, we can read that “what’s new to Nioh 2 are the types of weapons you can now use within this fighting system. Whether using large, oversized swords or the new dual-wielding hatchets, you can tell the devs furrowed their brows over the way the original got compared to Diablo and came up with far more ways to spill blood.”

The overall feeling from this article, which you can read here, is that Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja are going for an expansion of the original game, that we see the author enjoyed and likened to Diablo and Onimusha on top of the soulsborne titles.

Nioh 2 has just gone through an open beta in early November and is releasing next March.