No Man’s Sky Gets New Online Update Called Beyond

No Man’s Sky is getting an upcoming update that will incorporate new online features for players.

No Man’s Sky is an action-survival game, where players are capable of traversing the vastness of space and explore different planets. The game had a notoriously disastrous launch in 2016. The game was hyped up to be the next big thing, yet failed to capitalize on any its promises. The game lack content and the different planets weren’t that great to look at or to explore in.

Since then the game has been regularly updated to include things that players wanted since the beginning. This includes creating bases and adding vehicles.

No Man’s Sky has become more well-received after the patches, and the developers plan to have more updates for the game.

No Man’s Sky – Beyond Announce Trailer | PS4

A major new update, free for existing players. No Man’s Sky Beyond is coming summer 2019. More will follow.

Their upcoming patch is called No Man’s Sky Beyond, and the first part of Beyond is called No Man’s Sky Online. As the name suggests, Online will incorporate online multiplier functionality in the game. Now players can play together via the internet.

On the PlayStation Blog that announced Beyond, it is explained that No Man’s Sky Online will not be an MMO. They do not plan to include microtransactions, and a subscription will not be needed to play No Man’s Sky Online; it’s free to everyone who already owns the game.

No Man’s Sky Beyond is expected to start in the summer of this year.

Image Source: Official PlayStation Twitter