No More Heroes III livestream announced for April 8

Game director Goichi Suda will be part of the livestream.

No More Heroes III 3

Image via Marvelous Inc.

Fans of the iconic No More Heroes games have something to look forward to. While we are still months away from the third installment in the main No More Heroes series, publisher Marvelous Inc. has announced a livestream for the game set for April 8. Aptly named No More Broadcasting 5.1 GHm, the stream promises to deliver a lot of new information about No More Heroes III, including a new gameplay trailer.

The stream will be hosted by No More Heroes III design lead Goichi Suda, alongside writer, voice actor, gaming personality Mafia Kajita, and VTuber Shishiro Botan.

You can watch the No More Heroes III livestream on YouTube and Twitter on April 8. The stream starts at 21:00 JST.

No More Heroes III release date trailer

No More Heroes is an iconic hack and slash series from developer Grasshopper Manufacture. The franchise is known for its off-the-wall storytelling, vibrant characters, hard-hitting soundtrack, and frequent pop culture references. The series follows the exploits of run-of-the-mill otaku Travis Touchdown, who inadvertently becomes a part of a secret ring of master assassins when he wins a beam katana at an action.

No More Heroes III is set to release on Nintendo Switch on August 27.