Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update To Add New Classes, Lands, and Progression Systems


Owlcat Games, the developers behind the online RPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker, have announced a new project called Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. The game is not a sequel to Kingmaker, but it’s a brand new online experience. The development team announced the game after securing $1 million in funding for the project from the investment company Gem Capital.

The online experience receives heavy inspiration from the tabletop RPG game of the same name, Pathfinder, which launched in 2009 from Paizo Publishing. Owlcat Games uses adventures and scenarios created by the tabletop publishers to influence their online experience.

Unfortunately, Owlcat is keeping a lot of the new details under wraps until they have more to discuss in the future. So far, in a recent blog post, they have revealed two new classes, the witch and the oracle, are coming to game, and players can expect others, although they remain unnamed at this time.

The blog post also details how players can expect new visuals that are distinct from Kingmaker, with Wrath of the Righteous featuring locations like the demon-infested wasteland, and the crusader cities besieged by the foul Abyss. The visuals lean toward a harsher environment, with the remaining populations of the world fighting off otherworldly entities attacking their plane of existence.

To help fight against these demonic forces, players need to rely on the powers they receive from their chosen mythic path. There are multiple mythic paths for players to pick during their journey. However, Owlcat Games has only detailed the immortal lich leading armies of the undead and the celestial angel capable of unleashing divine judgment on their foes.

At this time, Owlcat Games has not disclosed an exact release date for the game. The limited information we have right now is a teaser image, the details from their blog post, and confirmation that they’re working on the game.