Phil Spencer Is Playing Destiny 2 And Crackdown 3 On Project xCloud

Project xCloud Reaches New Development Milestone

During the latest Inside Xbox, Phil Spencer was briefly interviewed by Major Nelson about some of the things Microsoft’s been working on.

One of these things, of course, is Project xCloud, which the executive vice president at gaming is very excited about.

Spencer revealed that he’s been playing an alpha of the service over his recent journeys to Japan and Korea, and while he’s commuting from office to home and vice versa.

In particular, he shared that he’s playing a lot of Crackdown 3 and Destiny 2 on his smartphone with an Xbox One controller attached.

“It’s been awesome. I’ve found half of my Crakdown [3] orbs while I’m away from home, just running around and using xCloud, and running Destiny strikes with my friends online. It’s just a test setup, and it’s me playing the games I like to play. I have one server that is set up for me so it’s kind of like my own Xbox in the cloud.

Figuring out latency when I was in Japan in a hotel 8,000 miles away from my server, what that feels like… Our solution is using Azure, so your server will be close to you to minimize ping time and any latency you have.”

He added that there is “something magical about taking my Xbox experience with me,” because “I don’t feel like I’m disconnected and I can launch my games. I don’t have to grind a separate set of characters or something.”

That’s the power of the cloud, baby. We’ll learn more about the public trial that Project xCloud will be launching this year at E3 2019, with the Xbox media briefing kicking off on June 9.