Pikmin 4 Announces New Glow Pikmin, Demo, & Classic Pikmin HD Ports

Pikmin 4 showcased the new Glow Pikmin, announced an upcoming demo, and revealed the original Pikmin titles are coming to the Switch.

pikmin 4 glow pikmin

June 21 was a big day for Pikmin news as the Nintendo Direct featured a look at the upcoming title, Pikmin 4. In addition to new mechanics and a new Pikmin type, Nintendo announced that the first two entries in the series would receive HD ports on the Switch later that day.

Here’s everything we were shown about Pikmin 4 during the June 2023 Nintendo Direct.

Pikmin 4 Showcases Another New Pikmin Type

Pikmin 4 will allow players to explore where no captain has dared venture before… night expeditions. However, you won’t be able to take all of your Pikmin with you. Instead, captains will have to use a new type of creature called a Glow Pikmin.

These green Pikmin are luminous and only appear at night. Luminols also appear at night, which are mounds full of precious resources. It’s up to you and the glow Pikmin to ward off frenzied enemies in order to collect Glow Sap.

Pikmin 4 Demo Coming Soon

While it is the fourth installment in the Pikmin franchise (we won’t talk about Hey! Pikmin), Pikmin 4 will offer a different experience than the previous three. For starters, the camera opts for more of a third-person view rather than the traditional aerial vantage point.

As well, players can create their own character and will rescue other castaways to join their crew and upgrade their abilities. And not to mention the variety of new and returning Pikmin you can encounter. As such, new and seasoned players can test out Pikmin 4 via a demo coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 28, 2023.

Pikmin 1 & 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch in HD

For those who can’t wait for more Pikmin in their life, HD versions of Pikmin 1 & 2 are headed to the Nintendo Switch today, June 21, on the Nintendo eShop.

These digital-only HD versions of the original Pikmin games follow Captain Olimar as he repairs his broken ship and attempts to pull Hocotate Freight out of a financial crisis. And with Pikmin 3 already being a part of the Nintendo Switch’s library, players can enjoy the entire franchise from their home console.