Playground Games Talks Its Role On Project Scarlett, Next Open World “Top Secret” Game


In a live stream from Microsoft’s store in London, the team there focused on what’s coming next to Forza Horizon 4. There was a rumor the team was working on a Fable reboot for Microsoft’s next console, Project Scarlett.

Creative director Ralph Fulton displayed lots of enthusiasm regarding Project Scarlett.

“0It’s an enormously thrilling experience for the development team, really being at the start of something which is going to change the way that games are consumed, but it also comes with a lot of pressure,” Fulton said.

It looks like the team has had a pivotal role in determining how the console would shape up, as we read. Considering that the developers are now a part of the Xbox Game Studios family, we’re not surprised about that.

In this type of role, and at this stage of the process, “you have to think about where you’re going to make your investment, and you have to think about all players, not just the players who have moved to the top-spec console,” Fulton said.

As for the future of the studio, he mentioned that the idea is to keep supporting Forza Horizon 4 for the next months. After that, there’s work for them to do regarding their new upcoming title, an open-world game we know has been in the making for a while. We don’t have any further information regarding that project, at this time.

We’ll probably learn more about that, whether its Fable or a brand new IP, at E3 2020. We should expect the chance to play it in a couple of years by the launch of Project Scarlett.