PlayStation Fans Furious With Twitter Following Compatibility Change Announcement

PlayStation fans are upset about a new PlayStation and Twitter compatibility change – but surprise seems to be minimal.

PlayStation and Twitter

Image via Sony and X

Staying connected is an important part of being a gamer in an era of livestreaming, multiplayer co-op, and active gaming-focused social media. Because of this, app support for consoles like PlayStation are critical for many players.

PlayStation gamers, for example, have utilized the connection between Twitter/X and the PS4 and PS5 to share moments while playing their favorite games. Whether it be showing off cool new finds or providing a picture to ask the rest of the community a question, having access to Twitter/X gave gamers a direct line of communication.

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Twitter/X Will no Longer be Supported on PlayStation Consoles

In a recent notification, PlayStation has announced that all Twitter/X integration will be terminated as of November 13, 2023. Once this is put into effect, there will be no ability to view content from the PS4 and PS5.

Fans are sharing their upset, with many wondering why the decision was made. Others have speculated it is due to Elon Musk raising the price of API’s per month, with Pure PlayStation stating “42KLet’s see how many API integrations drop soon.” Fans have pointed out that other major consoles like Xbox have already left, stating it was only a matter of time before PlayStation joined as well.

A majority of complaints seem to be with the changes being made to Twitter/X’s management and the direction it has been taking. As there have been many complaints leading up to this moment, there is a lack of surprise at this turn of events.

Some fans have already started to move to other options stating, “Discord is working to add PS5 streaming.” Thankfully, with other options open for use on the PlayStation consoles, players will only need to switch up how they are sharing their content. While it’s a frustrating change, it will likely impact Twitter/X more than players as a whole.