PlayStation Plus Collection workaround resulting in bans from Sony

Curbing the exploiters.

PlayStation Plus Collection workaround resulting in bans from Sony

Sony is banning players who are using a workaround to get the PlayStation Plus Collection. The PlayStation Plus Collection was announced before the launch of the PlayStation 5, and it allows PlayStation 5 owners to access a total of 20 PlayStation 4 games for free. The collection includes both first-party and third-party titles and is available exclusively for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

While the collection is designed exclusively for PlayStation 5 owners, some users have found a workaround to give PlayStation 4 owners access to the collection. Basically, PlayStation 5 owners log into the accounts of PlayStation 4 owners from their PlayStation 5 and charge money for it. This allows the PlayStation 4 owners to get the collection in their accounts for free.

Sony has taken stern action against the people using this exploit and is reportedly banning a large number of users who have used illegitimate ways to obtain the collection. Both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners are getting banned for indulging in such practices, according to Twitter user Zhihuwong.

The ban will last only a couple of months, while the PlayStation 5 console will be permanently blocked from accessing network services. What remains unclear is whether this is being done by Sony to particularly curb this exploit, or if it is the general framework that automatically bans consoles and accounts when a large number of accounts are accessed from one console.

Whatever the case is, players are advised to stay away from such practices, as it is an infringement of Sony’s policies and can land them into trouble.