Pokémon GO Community Day For April Brings Mareep

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO community day for March has come and gone. Trainers all over the world celebrated by catching the Gen 1 starter Bulbasaur. They were also treated with three times experience for each catch, three hour lures, and the shiny variant. If you evolved your Bulbasaur to Venusaur during the event, you were able to get the special move Frenzy Plant. Looking forward, though, the Pokémon GO community day for April is right around the corner. Arriving with it is the Electric type Gen 2. Starting April 15, you’ll be able to catch the Electric type Pokémon Mareep along with its Shiny Variant as well.

April Community Day Brings Mareep

The additional bonuses expected during this Pokémon GO community day are three hour lures and one fourth egg hatch distance. This means that all eggs during the three hour window will have their distance reduced by one fourth. Now is a good time to start collecting those 10km eggs so you’ll have less distance to walk them.

The Shiny Variant of Mareep should also been seen during the event, and this time around it will be much easier to spot over a shiny Bulbasaur. Instead of its nice white cotton fluff, Mareep will sport a pink cotton fluff. The shiny Flaafy won’t change much in color, but shiny Ampharos changes quite a bit. Instead of the classic yellow with black stripes and red bulbs, shiny Ampharos will be pink with black stripes with blue bulbs.

Ampharos will know a move that it normally doesn’t during this Pokémon GO community event, but that has not been released yet. Once it is known, however, we’ll update you. Start collecting those eggs and get ready for Pokémon GO community day for April.

Head over to the Pokémon GO event page for more details about Mareep, or you can keep it locked on all of our Pokémon GO content on TL;DR Games.