Pokemon Go Players Call Out Niantic For Failing To Deliver On Remote Raid Pass Promise

Pokemon Go players have not received their in-game compensation for a technical issue from Niantic, and experience more technical issues.


Pokemon Go players are taking notice of a promise that Niantic sent out several days ago, issuing Remote Raid Passes to those hit by several technical issues in the mobile game. The Niantic team has shared that those Remote Raid Passes should have gone out, but a few players who also experienced these issues did not receive them.

The problem for some players may have boiled down to timezone differences, as Niantic only issued these Remote Raid Passes to specific areas, namely GMT +13 and 14. Still, those outside this timezone experienced these issues and felt they were due for something.

Pokemon Go Players Share Technical Woes Surrounding Events

The discussion is taking place on The Silph Road Reddit channel, where a thread has been made with multiple players sharing they did not receive the promised remote raid pass. A handful of the users who have come forward in the subreddit did point out they were in the GMT +12, thus, they were not eligible for the free remote raid pass. However, they went through the same issues as everyone else.

Niantic has had technical problems surrounding their remote raids for several weeks, with the most significant issues happening during their Elite Raids. Hopefully, Niantic can account for these issues, and players can receive proper compensation.

Beyond the standard raids, remote raids continue to be a hot topic in the Pokemon Go community. Many players still see them as the most viable way to participate in the game, despite Niantic’s continued attempt to back away from them entirely. Given how much Niantic seems to want to pull out and remove remote raids, it’s amusing to see them use the limitations they placed on these activities as suitable rewards or to entice players with them as additional rewards.

The Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf special raid event last weekend is a perfect example. This event was created because several players experienced multiple technical issues when attempting to complete these raids, namely those who used Remote Raid Passes.

To make up for this, Niantic created the event, provided players with additional Remote Raid Passes, and then increased the Remote Raid Pass limit to 15 from the usual five. Niantic initially created the five-a-day limit following their Remote Raid Pass changes in April 2023. It feels odd to make this a premium feature for a limited time when only a short time ago, players could use them without any limits.

The overall maintenance and well-being of Pokemon Go has felt fractured for many players who continue to participate in the mobile game. Hopefully, Niantic will continue to listen to player feedback and find some way to keep with their vision but keep the best interests of the community at large in mind. Continually offering items to players who run into technical issues can only go so far for so long.