Pokemon ‘Pokegenic’ Trademark Issued by Nintendo, Creatures Inc, and Game Freak in Japan


Despite E3 2019 being nearly upon us, Nintendo shows no signs of stopping on their Pokemon announcements having shared details about four new pocket monster games set to release in the future. Additionally, Japanese Nintendo has issued a brief statement sharing that Nintendo, Game Freak Inc., and Creatures Inc., have applied for a trademark called Pokegenic.

We have the first page of the trademark posted below.

First Page of Pokegenic Trademark

So far, these are all of the details we have about the trademark. Given Nintendo’s recent announcements about the numerous new Pokemon games set to release, we can view this as another avenue they’re looking to go down that strays away from the traditional pocket monster formula they’ve done in the past.

We’re unlikely to hear anything out of Nintendo at E3 2019, too. They’re likely going to spend a majority of their time at the conference building up the hype surrounding Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, which both release near the end of 2019.

What we can interpret from the name of Pokegenic is the ending of the word “-genic.” If you were to do a quick bit of research, you’d discover it’s tied to, “forming, producing,” and sometimes birth. What this could mean is that Pokegenic maybe a Pokemon game where the players are attempting to raise Pokemon to create the best choices for trainers or even watching over them on a farm.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see. It’s unlikely we’re going to hear more about this title for the year. As of right now, we have E3 2019 to look forward to and to more details about Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Make sure you tune in to Nintendo’s E3 conference, which takes place on a Tuesday, July 11, at 9 AM PST, 12 PM ET, and 5 PM BST.