A New Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Focuses On Competitive Battles


A new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield was shown off during the Pokemon World Championships earlier this morning. The trailer gives trainers an in-depth to how battling is going to work in the new console game, and what players can expect in terms of heated competition in the future.

Here’s a tweet from the official Pokemon Twitter page showing off the trailer.

Trainers are going to have to come up with some new strategies based off of the unique abilities their Pokemon are going to be using during combat. Especially with having to worry about fighting with two. One of the new abilities coming to the game is for the new Galarian Weezing, called Neutralizing Gas. When this ability goes into effect, it negates all other Pokemon abilities on the field, including the trainer’s partner Pokemon.

Additionally, we get a brief glimpse at some of the new items coming to the game, too. The first new item is called Room Service. With it held, it will lower a Pokemon’s speed during a trick room, which was not detailed. A trick room is likely a mechanic for the new battle stadiums coming to Sword and Shield. The other item was Eject Pack. With it, a Pokemon is going to switch out of combat whenever any of its stats get lowered. This switch-up could make things extremely interesting, especially if trainers have a full line-up of Pokemon left in their roster when the change happens.

Another new series of moves trainers need to learn about are the hidden abilities. The hidden abilities are going to be unique to the Galar region, as Pokemon learn them after being caught from Max Raid battles. Trainers are not going to be able to learn these abilities through selective breeding or by finding one in the wild.

The final new detail shown in the trailer details the devastating power of a Dynamax Pokemon. While Dynamaxing, a Pokemon’s abilities are going to have additional effects beyond the standard ones for its attacks. For example, the attack of a Dynamax Pokemon may lower the hit Pokemon’s speed, and it could also increase the attack trainer’s Pokemon attacks in the process. Some abilities are going to improve specific stats, making it more difficult to continue fighting them for a long time.

These elements are going to be in play throughout a player’s time in Pokemon Sword and Shield. While trainers are going to become accustomed to it in the traditional Pokemon game, it’s going to be a significant feature on the competitive scene. Trainers are going to have a lot to contend with given the new items and abilities are switching things up for the competitive 2020 season.

There’s plenty more of the Pokemon World Championships to check out this weekend. Make sure you stay tuned as we grab all of the new information as it comes out.