Trainer Cards For All Gym Leaders In Pokemon Sword And Shield Have Been Leaked


Pokémon Sword and Shield had their biggest leak this last weekend; practically all the new Pokémon and Galarian forms were leaked throughout the weekend. Not only that, but a lot of significant details were also leaked, which includes the names of all the Gym Leaders and which ones were console exclusives.

In past Pokémon games, all the Gym Leaders were the same, no matter what versions of those games you got. Sword and Shield are the first games in the franchise to have version exclusive gym leaders. For example, Sword will get to face against the fighting Gym Leader Bea, whereas in Shield, you get to challenge the Ghost Gym Leader Allister.

Officially, only four Gym Leaders have been confirmed. Besides Bea and Allister, there’s also Milo and Nessa, who are the grass and water Gym Leaders, respectively. However, trainer cards of all the Gym Leaders have been leaked, including version exclusives. Trainers cards are akin to real-life baseball cards; they have images of popular trainers, and they have some tidbits about them on the back.

These leaked trainer cards not only have the images of all the Gym Leaders, but they also reveal major plot spoilers for the game. We will be going over all the leaked Gym Leaders. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then don’t scroll further down. Also, thanks again to Centro Pokémon LEAKS for the information. If you don’t mind being spoiled by leaks, check their website here.

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Warning – New Pokemon Leaks Incoming

Here’s the list of all the Gym Leaders in Sword and Shield, as well as the type they specialize and if they are a version exclusive.

  • Milo: Grass Gym Leader
  • Nessa: Water Gym Leader
  • Kabu: Fire Gym Leader
  • Bea: Fighting Gym Leader (Sword) /Allister: Ghost Gym Leader (Shield)
  • Opal: Fairy Gym Leader
  • Gordie: Rock Gym Leader (Sword)/Melony: Ice Gym Leader (Shield)
  • Piers: Dark Leader
  • Raihan: Dragon Leader

Centro Pokémon LEAKS original images cards have now been taken down, though you can still view them in this link. These leaked cards are the first time most of the Gym Leaders have been revealed. Each card has a short description of the trainer, revealing major plot points in the game that are very spoiler-y.

Kabu, the fire Gym Leader, is a trainer from the Hoenn region and has a “no-holds-barred” approach to battling. Melony, the ice Gym Leader, is an older woman who has been a Leader since they were in their twenties and has a son. Melony wants the trainer Gordie to take over as Gym Leader, but he is already the Rock Gym Leader. Raihan, the dragon Gym Leader, is a trendy leader who takes a lot of selfies and is considered to be the most skilled Gym Leader in Galar.

The most interesting Gym Leaders, though, are Piers and Opal, the dark and Fairy-type Gym Leaders, respectively. Opal is the oldest Gym Leader in Galar, having taken up the position from her mother 70 years ago. She intends to pass the mantle to (SPOILERS) Bede, one of your rivals. The description on the back of Opal’s cards reveals that Bede had his Gym Challenger Status revoked. Presumably, this happens during the middle of the story.

Piers is the Gym Leader in Spikemuth, which is an obscure town that lacks a Power Spot. A Power Spot is what allows Pokémon to Dynamax, which means trainers can’t use Dynamax in Piers’ town.

Piers is more of a musician, performing on stage in a hot pink and black jersey. In his card’s description, it is revealed that Piers has a younger sister, who he plans to pass down the Gym Leadership role to. Piers’ jersey is very similar to the clothes worn by Team Yell, who are the avid fans of the trainer Marnie. Piers shares similarities with Marnie, as they both have identical hairs and jerseys. The assumption is that Marnie is Piers’s younger sister, and Team Yell are fans of Piers as well.

Pokémon Sword and Shield will release on Nov. 15.