Nintendo of America Deletes Tweets about Gyms in Pokemon Sword and Shield


Nintendo of America may have shared more information about Pokemon Sword and Shield a little ahead of schedule.

In the tweet, the official Twitter account for Nintendo of America shares a pair of photos showing a Pokemon trainer entering one of the gyms for the new Galar region; the region players are going to explore in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Additionally, they detail how the gyms in this region are significantly larger than previous Pokemon games, and that the game’s Gym leaders are called Gym Masters. It was not long after this tweet had gone out it the Twitter account had deleted it.

You can read the full tweet below, which was captured by @mngzeno before it had been taken down.

Tweet from Nintendo of America

The first image in the tweet shows an eager trainer walking towards the huge gym, likely about to face one of the new Gym Masters in a duel. In the second image, we see a different trainer walking into a sizeable colosseum-like arena, detailing how much bigger these gyms are than previous games.

Hopefully, the developers behind Pokemon Sword and Shield shed more light and confirm this information. You can expect Pokemon Sword and Shield to release later this year.