It’s Hunt or Be Hunted in Upcoming Multiplayer Horror Game Predator: Hunting Grounds


Anyone who’s dreamed of taking on the apex powers of the Predator—or even facing off against the elite alien hunter—is about to get their chance. Predator: Hunting Grounds is coming to PlayStation 4 on April 24, 2020.

Colorado-based dev team IllFonic, best known for its work on the 2017 Twitch hit Friday the 13th: The Game, as well as multiplayer zombie FPS Dead Alliance, is behind the new game. The studio has ample experience creating exciting, tense action among friends, so the Predator IP looks to be in good hands.See for yourself in the video below.

In Hunting Grounds, if you choose to play as Predator, you’ll use your advanced tracking skills to take down your prey, slipping in and out of combat using high-tech stealth, and driving fear into your enemy. In the trailer, we briefly saw the Predator in action as it took down several military soldiers.

Players will also have the chance to play as the humans attempting to survive, and even take down, the Predator while it hunts them. Comparisons to Friday the 13th are obvious, but it could also be quite similar to Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve, in which one player controlled a massive monster, and four others controlled hunters.

Pre-orders for Predator: Hunting Grounds are live now, allowing you to gain access to an exclusive ’87 skin of the Predator (based on the 1987 film where the legendary extraterrestrial was introduced), and a large mini-gun to use in combat.