Preview: Devil May Cry 5 is all about kicking ass, taking names, and blowing up your own arm


The first instinct you get when you play Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) is the need to destroy everything in sight. The music, crazy combos, and high octane action all serve as a way to pump you up for the next fight so that you can continue your demon-slaying rampage.

DMC5 made its playable debut at this year’s Gamescom, giving eager fans a chance to try out Nero in a small level that caps with a boss fight. It was the first time that anyone could really get a feel for the game.

It did not disappoint.

I’m ready for ya, bring it on!

There are two ways to play the game. You have auto assist, a mode which gives you a simpler experience where the combos pilot themselves. There is also classic mode, where combos have to be done with specific button commands, more finesse.

While auto offers an easier experience for new players, it wasn’t something that really clicked with me. I found that I wanted to do particular combos to chain moves together and get a better score.

Sure, classic mode is tough, but that’s the bitter pill of DMC, what makes it more enjoyable. You have to earn your score and create the flashiest, goofiest moves that you can.

Arms aplenty

The big new mechanic added to DMC5 is the inclusion of weaponized arms for Nero. These arms can be found throughout the level, each one offering a unique ability. Using an ability destroys the arm, or the arm can be sacrificed to keep yourself alive in near death clinches.

Arm management is key to success in fights. You’ll always be on the lookout for arms so that you can chain them in battle. I found myself skipping over certain arm abilities in the demo for a better seasoned arsenal.

Each ability is satisfying and feels natural. For instance, you can use one arm as a makeshift grappling hook to reel an enemy towards you. You can then use your sword to slice it into tiny chunks before blasting those chunks to ash with an electric force push from a separate arm ability.

All these arms about it got me wondering: Just who is placing all these Nero arms around the place exactly? I can make sense of demons and hellish trees, but randomly materializing arms is where I draw the line.

I need more

Honestly, I wish I played more DMC5 at Gamescom. We’ve been given only glances of Dante, and the game is stuffed with more battle-ready demons to brawl. It makes me salivate at the very thought of it all.

DMC5 already feels like a worthy progression in the DMC franchise. It has everything you expect from the game and is a far better representation  of the series than the DMC reboot from 2013.

DMC5 is out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8, 2019. Please don’t delay this game Capcom.