Priest, The Exorcist Simulator, to be Released in 2019


If you’ve ever been curious about demon possession, you’re in for a treat next year with a new indie game called Priest.

A small Polish studio by the name of Delirma is teaming with publisher Ultimate Games to bring Priest to players next summer. Players will be put in the shoes of a priest who performs exorcisms. In fact, the game Priest is an exorcist simulator. Yep.

Priest is set in a mysterious village where a series of unexplained possessions take place. The key part of the game will be to drive demons from the bodies of possessed villagers. The players will need to adapt their actions to the case and select the correct remedy using prayers or equipment.

“Priest is a combination of Christian mythology with dark fantasy. We based it upon real testimonies concerning exorcism as well as general works of pop culture, i.e. novels, films and series. Black metal and Polish folklore also inspired us, so there will be a number of relevant references” – says one of the creators of the new game, Micha? Jod.

Players will also have to be aware of the strength of the possession as well. Priest will have some intriguing options, including using assistance from previous villagers who have been successfully exorcised. Priest offers numerous RPG elements, demanding gameplay, a dark history, unconventional graphics, and couch co-op play.

I’m curious about how this game will play out and how far players will have to go to exorcise the demons and save the village. Are moral lines blurred when a player must choose between what’s more important; saving a villager or eliminating the demon? Will players be forced to choose between two bad options, weighing which is the lesser of two evils?

Priest will make its debut on Steam in the summer of 2019 and Ultimate Games isn’t ruling out the possibility of Priest coming to consoles as well.