Project Scarlett’s Backwards Compatibility Has “More To Announce”


At E3 2019 we’ve been revealed about Project Scarlett supporting four generations of content thanks to backwards compatibility, which will be coming complete of original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games being playable on the latest platform by Microsoft.

However, we have not seen and heard everything from the Redmond platform owner, as Bill Stillwell, Xbox team member currently working on Project xCloud’s streaming platform, has said that the company has “more to announce,” and we’ll learn about that “really soon.”

“What I’ll say is at least right now, we’ll have more to announce on that really soon, and I’ll leave it as that for right now. But I will say that as a company, it’s important for us that compatibility is something that we’re working on,” said Stillwell in an interview.

“The team that I was on previously that did the Xbox Backwards Compatibility, we also did all of the Xbox One X compatibility before we went to the next console. So it’s certainly something that as a company, we have a great platform change, and it’s something that keeps going no matter what we do.”

As you might’ve heard, there’s a chance that Project Scarlett will allow for an Xbox One X Enhanced-like program, which will allow you to implement better graphics and performances on titles from the Xbox One generation. That’s probably a piece of the puzzle we’ll learn more about in the future.

Project Scarlett is releasing in Holiday 2020, and a full reveal is expected to drop at E3 next year.