PS5 hits 7.8 million units sold, outselling PS4’s early launch shipments

The PS4 has continued to sell well through the last quarter as well.

Despite the supply of the console being scarce since launch, the PS5 has now shipped more units than the PS4 in the equivalent time period. According to Sony’s latest financial report, its flagship console shipped 4.5 million units by the end of 2020 and an additional 3.3 million this year, putting the total at roughly 7.8 million.

A previous statement from Sony outlined that the PS5 was expected to sell more units than the PS4 did in its first fiscal year, which was 2013/14. This target has now been hit, and the PS5 had the biggest launch for any console in Sony’s history.

While the PS5 is selling well, despite a lack of components and the consoles selling out as soon as retailers publicize their stock intake, the PS4 is also selling rather well given its age. Sony’s report shows that 1 million PS4 units shipped in the last quarter, bringing the total over the console’s lifetime to 115.9 million.

The report also shows that PlayStation Plus subscribers now total 47.6 million users. This figure is up by 14.7% year-on-year and has been a part of bumping up the revenue from Sony’s Game & Network Sales Division to $25 billion. Of course, the launch of the PS5 also had a huge hand in this figure. Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad broke down the figures, outlining that 20% of this revenue alone came from console sales, 21% from digital software sales, and 34% from add-on content.