PS5 New Patent Hints At Backwards Compatibility

Sony has registered yet another patent that seems to be quite clearly hinting at the possibility that PS5 gets equipped with backwards compatibility.

The patent was registered in 2017 but only got public now, and it’s rather interesting since it has been filed by Mark Cerny, chief architect of PS4.

“A new device executing an application on a new CPU determines whether the application is for a legacy device having a legacy CPU,” reads the patent.

“When the application is for the legacy device, the new CPU executes the application with selected features of the new CPU that are not present on the legacy CPU disabled, or with a latency of instruction execution of the new CPUs altered to match or approximate a latency of the legacy CPU, or with algorithmic details of operation of one or more units of the new CPU altered to match or approximate algorithmic details of operation of corresponding units of the legacy CPU.”

While it’s a bit tough to get the meaning of it all if you’re not an engineer, and fundamentally it’s just a patent, it, sure enough, looks like Sony is pouring some work on this thing.

So, is PS5 going to be backwards compatible? We’ll learn more when the console releases around 2020, at least by rumor.

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