Rainbow Six Siege Operation Brutal Swarm reveals Operator Grim, impact EMP grenade, and a new recoil system

Beware the bees.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s year 7, season 3 announcement has arrived, revealing Operation Brutal Swarm, alongside the latest operator, Grim. Alongside Grim, there will be a new Impact EMP grenade to disable strategically placed enemy equipment, a new recoil system for PC players, and changes to console players’ recoil.

Grim will use a Kawan Hive Launcher, capable of firing a swarm of buzzing attack bots that track an enemy’s location for a few seconds. Players can use these bots to learn valuable information about an enemy’s position or secure important locations before moving forward. Grim is a three-speed and one-health operator who makes use of a 552 Commando Assault rifle or the SGC2B Shotgun, making him an aggressive opponent for one to face down.

The Impact EMP grenade is the latest gadget to enter the Rainbow Six Siege arsenal. Attackers can counter electronic defenses that defenders set up, making them more efficient at finding ways through these defenses. This should force defenders to think twice about where they lay down their equipment and give attackers more freedom in handling their approach, rather than moving themselves into a chokepoint.

Finally, Rainbow Six Siege will receive multiple changes on PC and Consoles to the overall recoil system. PC players have had the most significant changes, with vertical recoil changing to match the weapon’s power level, vertical and horizontal recoil increased during sustained fire bursts, and LMGs and weapons with more prominent magazines have a fourth recoil stage. There have been limits to these changes, with weapons that already had strong recoil remaining the same. To assist with these changes, multiple features have been added to the weapon attachments, giving players more variety in their loadout. Additionally, the console recoil is now separate from the PC system, allowing the Rainbow Six Siege team to balance them individually.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Brutal Swarm will be released on September 6. Players can test these changes before they arrive on the test servers starting on August 22.