Reggie Fils-Aimé Gets Twitter Account On His Last Day As President


Reggie Fils-Aimé celebrates his last day in Nintendo by activating his very own Twitter account.

Reggie is one of the most well-known figures in video game culture. He served as President for Nintendo of America since 2006. His image, however, has been popular before he rose to the role of presidency; his presence in the 2004 Nintendo E3 conference quickly made him beloved by fans of the big N.

He shocked the gaming world on February 21 of this year when he announced his retirement. After sharing a video on the official Nintendo account, he says he leaves in good health. His official last day in Nintendo is today, April 15.

Though many fans are clearly upset to see him go, he at least leaves in high spirits. To mark for the occasion, Reggie has finally created his own Twitter account.

Reggie’s Twitter account has only been set up this morning, and currently, at the time of this writing, only has five tweets. However, the account has already amassed 264 thousand followers.

His first tweet is simply a picture of a toy version of himself holding a sign that reads his name and twitter handle. The toy is reminiscent of the Robot Chicken sketch that Nintendo did one E3 many a few years ago.

His second tweet is a picture of himself still in the Nintendo offices. In the tweet, he writes thanking Nintendo fans for the warm welcome to Twitter.

His third tweet is probably the most sentimental; he shares a photo of his E3 badge from 2004. It is the 2004 E3 that Reggie first made his presence to the gaming world at large. It was the first time that most fans got to see him and know what he was like.

Reggie fourth tweet has him playing around his giant Mii head.

His last tweet is him pulling on a replica Master Sword and writes about how it is now the time for a new hero to take his place.

Though all of Reggie’s tweets have been sweet and nostalgic, it is honestly shocking that Reggie was able to get the @Reggie twitter handle. I wonder how much it cost him to get that from someone else.

Reggie Fils-Aimé officially leaves Nintendo of America today, April 15. His replacement is, ironically, a man name Bowser. Doug Bowser officially takes over as President of Nintendo of America after Reggie leaves.