Resident Evil 8 To Be Presented In Third Person View, But Still A RE7 Sequel – Rumor


There’s a new Resident Evil 8 leak out there, and it’s a quite interesting one, so read carefully and take your notes before you leave.

The game’s reported to be in development in third person with an over-the-shoulder view, and this would be due to the warm reception received by Resident Evil 2’s remake

As for the story, it would take place on an abandoned island, in the middle of a storm, where we would be working to learn more about the bioweapons such as Eveline from Resident Evil 7.

The title would be revolving around the mechanics of a preliminary Resident Evil 4 build, known as Resident Evil 3.5, with Hook-Man as the main enemy.

It’s quite interesting that Capcom is finally taking in consideration feedback from older fans who enjoy the original Resident Evil experiences.

While you can’t expect those to return integrally, having RE2 Remake, so a more RE4-like gameplay experience, as a pillar of the development of the future games should be something fans could be really enthusiast about.

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Resident Evil 8 Third Person View

Source: Twisted Voxel