League of Legends Co-Founder Would “Love” to Make An MMORPG, But It’s Not That Simple

League of Legends MMORPG Not Yet

Riot Games has a number of games on the way. It’s working on a first-person shooter, a fighting game, a card game and an action/RPG, all based within the League of Legends universe. But some fans believe an MMORPG could be on the way as well.

According to Dexerto, series co-founder Marc Merrill noted he would love to see Riot produce a LoL-modeled game in that particular genre. But it’s not a simple process.

First, he assured fans that the action/RPG, currently under the name Project L, will not have MMO elements, instead focusing on hack-and-slash tactics. In an interview with Travis Gafford, he noted, “We would not do that kind of thing [make an MMORPG] out of house, that kind of thing, in order to do with justice, requires the best teams in the world, and that probably doesn’t even exist with a third-party developer.”

Not to mention that building an MMO is an incredibly intricate process. There’s the cost to consider, which would easily be over $100 million. And it would obviously take “a lot of time” to bring to market.

“We think it’s cool for players to say ‘Riot, please go make an X,’ because why not… I would love to make an MMO, but just to manage expectations, if we were to do something like that, it wouldn’t be any time soon,” he explained.

He noted that MMORPG’s are “incredibly hard to make,” and, indeed, it can be a slippery slope. “It’s like shipping a freaking rocket, it’s so much work, it’s so hard to do, and we would really try to do it justice, and that’s not easy.”

Riot Games, and its publishing arm at Riot Forge, have a number of games coming in the meantime that will keep you occupied. Not to mention League of Legends itself, which continues to be a raging success.