Russian Subway Dogs Coming to PS4 and PS Vita This Year


It seems like every day we hear something in the news about Russia meddling in the affairs of the United States. That’s not the case here, though. Russian Subway Dogs is a game that is true to its title and has nothing to do with elections.

Coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this year, Russian Subway Dogs is developed by Spooky Squid. Russian Subway Dogs is a single screen, arcade style game inspired by stray dogs of the Moscow Metro who commute from the suburbs to the downtown core each day to scavenge for food. Players in-game will not only be there to scavenge for food, but also cause a little chaos in the process.

Russian Subway Dogs will offer players a variety of ways to play.

  • Russian Subway Dogs challenges players to mix every object on-screen to win. Fatten bears with pelmeni or feed pigeons hot sauce so they’ll rain hot fire from the sky. Sit back and enjoy the resulting BearBQ! Experimentation will lead to success!
  • Enter campaign mode and complete challenges for the Proletaricat as you make your way through the Moscow metro.
  • Try for the highest score on the online leader boards in Endless Mode.
  • Choose from a variety of playable characters, from the Subway Dog, and Proletaricat, to a selection of guest critters including Question Hound from KC Green’s Gunshow, Ratcoon from Ruin of the Reckless or Nacho, and Rad Shiba from VA-11 HALL-A!
Russian Subway Dogs Coming to PS4 and PS Vita This Year
Russian Subway DogsSpooky Squid • Fair Use

Eat shawarma and bark at vodka to rack up multipliers to keep your hunger levels at bay. Russian Subway Dogs balances fast-paced game play with quick thinking as players face a constantly changing mix of enemies, items, and scenarios. Head over to Spooky Squid to see more on this hair-raising game.