Undertale’s Sans comes to Super Smash Bros Ultimate as a Mii Fighter Costume


Popular Undertale character, Sans, is coming to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate as a Mii Fighter Costume.

Nintendo’s recognized Toby Fox and his popular game, Undertale, in their latest addition to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

Mii Costumes are addons for the Mii Fighters available in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. The Mii Fighters take Miis, customizable avatars created by the owner of the Switch or Nintendo account, and allow them to participate in the brawl. Mii fighters can have three classes, Brawler, Swordfighter, and Gunner. The Sans costume will be for a Gunner Mii Fighter.

Sans himself first appeared in Undertale, which was a cult hit. The game is known for its Genocide and Pacifist runs, both of which are important for understanding the whole game. Most players will end up with a neutral ending first since it’s unlikely they will go out of their way to trigger the Genocide route without prior knowledge. Pacifist runs will not face Sans in battle but will see him as a charming, skeletal side character with his brother Papyrus. However, he shines in the Genocide run with his notably complicated combat mechanics.

Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, posted the news on his Twitter account after the Nintendo Direct reveal.

Also, players that get the Sans Mii Costume will receive a particular version of Sans’ theme song, Megalovania composed by Toby Fox specifically for the costume.

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