Sea of Thieves Developer Rare Reveals its New Game, Everwild


Rare, developer of classics like Donkey Kong Country and Goldeneye 007, has revealed its newest IP called Everwild. The game takes place in a dense forest filled with a variety of fantastical creatures based on real woodland animals like boar and deer. The pre-rendered trailer has a distinct, colorful look similar to a 3D version of Ori and the Blind Forest.

Rare announced the project during the X019 event in London. According to Xbox Game Studios, Rare’s multiple teams will allow it to continue working on other titles while Evewild in development. That means Sea of Thieves will continue to see support from Rare while the studio works on other projects.

Everwild’s trailer didn’t show any gameplay, but it provides hints and small clues. In it, a character is shown walking through the forest, observing animals from afar while they go about their lives, and only occasionally interacting with them. Other characters show up in the wilderness, sometimes appearing to be led by the main character. Notably, there’s no combat in the trailer. It doesn’t even offer a peek at any weapons, though one scene does show a rather aggressive predator.

From these hints, it seems like a fair guess that Everwild will focus more exploration and discovery than on combat, and the multiple characters in the trailer may even hint at it being a multiplayer title.