Someone has already defeated the Kraken in Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves was released earlier today to a handful of players, allowing them to live out their pirate dreams on the high seas.

The oceans in Sea of Thieves are filled with treasures, other players, mysterious dangers, and, most importantly, the Kraken.

The Kraken has been one of the game’s most secretive features. Rare has been hiding details about the scale of the beast, what it looks like, and how players will fight it. Apart from a leak to Eurogamer a few months ago, most of the details about the legendary encounter have been a well-guarded secret—until now.

Twitch streamer BabbooTV might be the first and only person (so far) to find and defeat the legendary beast lurking in Sea of Thieves.

BabbooTV teamed up with a massive squad of ships to fight off the Kraken and keep his allies alive. He also went in depth on what players should look out for when going up against this beast—if you ever come up against it. Once the Kraken was defeated, BabbooTV left the black, murky waters with an achievement to show off his triumph.

After watching the fight and how much trouble the Kraken was causing BabbooTV and his friends, it seems like all the hype that Rare has built around the game and the Kraken was well worth the wait.