A mobile version of The Sims will launch by April


Electronic Arts will release a mobile version of The Sims in 2018.

The developer said the game will be officially released before April 2018 in its quarterly earnings call. The Sims Mobile is currently in a soft launch period and will be supported by EA alongside its older mobile title, The Sims FreePlay.

“This game is a major leap forward, combining the unique Sims magic with new dimensions of social play,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson said during the earnings call. “Sims players are some of our most diverse and committed fans, and with games like The Sims 4 and The Sims FreePlay, we’ve shown how we build and deliver for these communities over many years.”

Though the underlying objective of The Sims Mobile and The SIms FreePlay is very closely related, there are differences in the titles. FreePlay forces players to play in real-world time, while Mobile can be sped up. Mobile also allows players to engage in a simple multiplayer mechanic: You can’t directly play with your friends, but you can interact with their sims.

The Sims Mobile also looks a lot like The Sims 4; it’ll be a natural transition for Sims players. The game will be free-to-play, but there will, of course, be things to players to buy. As with any mobile game, The Sims Mobile will also see frequent content updates.

There’s no exact date for The Sims Mobile’s official launch, but it’s expected within the coming months.

H/T PlayerOne