Snake Voice Actor David Hayter Debunks Metal Gear Series Return

During the last few days, Metal Gear fans have thought that a return of the main series after the disappointing survival spin-off Survive could be possible with some of the original voice actors involved.

That was because David Hayter (Solid Snake) and Robin Atkin Downes (Kaz Miller) started sharing tweets which kind of looked like teasers, with at some point The Game Awards Twitter account involved by the latter.

Snake Voice Actor David Hayter Debunks Metal Gear Series Return

Well, it turned out that it was simply a joke or some sort of effort from the pair to have more attention in wake of the upcoming livestream they had together at

“Do we miss working on the series? I do. Doing Snake was one of the best jobs I ever had, and I had a very good run of games. It is always an adventure to step into a new Metal Gear game, and getting to work with those amazing actors, and with our English voice director Kris Zimmerman. So yeah, I miss it quite a bit,” Hayter said.

“Yeah, I would love to work on something, anything with you again. You know, you never know, down the line… Unfortunately, we wanna make it clear, there is nothing right now in the works. We just want to make that clear. But to me, it says- all of the people that have been tweeting, it’s exciting to me that people are truly interested in something else, and obviously, I’d be down for it,” Downes, who originally took to Twitter to tease something, commented.

“Hopefully, there will be things to announce. I don’t know how much experience Robin has tweeting to the Metal Gear community, but I have quite a bit. And when he sent me that first message, I was like, ‘oh no. They’re gonna explode.’ So I do apologize about any misconceptions about new games and whatnot,” Hayter said again, before adding he’s available for anything the series might reserve in the future (he wasn’t involved in Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain for a quite specific story reason).

I would love to do it. We’ll see if Konami is able to make that happen, because they own the property.”

So, does the franchise have any future? It would be weird for Konami to completely forget about the franchise now that Hideo Kojima has left the company, simply because it’s been so successful for so many years. But simply that won’t happen as soon as The Game Awards in December.