If You Have Been Unable To Sign Into Playstation Network, Sony Appear To Have Fixed The Issue

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Sony appear to have resolved an issue that meant people were unable to sign into the Playstation Network today. The issue first began a few hours ago, but peaked sometime in the last two hours. Playstation owning members of the Gamepur team were also affected, and after recently checking to see if the issue was still on going, we were able to sign in without issue.

Now, this is strictly anecdotal based on our own testing, and could easily be affected by simple geography. The official status checker says the issue is resolved, so I am happy enough to trust that this news won’t make me out to be a liar.

The internet absolutely lit up today as people searched the two main error codes that were tied to the issue, ws-37403-7 and ws-37398-0. The issues resulted in huge numbers of people being unable to log on to the PSN, or else receiving an on screen message that they had no active PS Plus membership even if they did.

There may be a few smaller issues occurring, such as people having difficulty joining parties, but it seems that Sony have managed to put this problem behind them, and services are returning to normal. You can now get back on line, and get back to grinding in all those wonderful games.